The Outlaws

The Manchester Outlaws Club is one of the most exciting, entertaining and friendly clubs in all of Manchester to become a part of. There are players of all ages, beliefs and experience; some have been playing for many years and have qualified as softball coaches and umpires, while others are completely new to the game. Those ‘rookies’ soon learn the ropes as everyone in the club is ready to help and pass on words of wisdom, in some cases learnt through ‘interesting’ plays on the pitch! Absolutely anyone is welcome to come down, meet some new people, and give softball a go, even if its only for one practice.

On the social side, every practice session and every game (win or lose) is followed by a trip to the pub to regale others with the magnificence of home runs, grand slams, double plays, diving catches, useless umpires etc. Birthdays are but one of the many excuses we use for a night out / afternoon picnicking in the park / going to some concert or other. And with a good sized squad there are birthdays most weeks! If you have spare time before you start playing softball you’ll wonder where it all went.

If you think softball sounds like something you’d to try (and who wouldn’t want to run around being silly, hitting and throwing a ball?!), read on:

You can e-mail via this website, or look us up on Facebook.

You could also come down and watch (or take part if you’re feeling brave) training / practice, usually at the Hough End Police Club on Mauldeth Road West, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, or actual matches which are played on Tuesday and Wednesday nights (at Parrswood School, East Didsbury and the University Sports Grounds, Northern Moor).

In addition the Outlaws field teams in tournaments all over the country on various weekends throughout the summer.


A little bit of our history……

The two Manchester Outlaws teams officially formed in 2008 from the original Peelers. We have grown over the years and now have two further teams, the Mutineers also now in Division 1 and the Enforcers in Division 3.

8 Responses to “The Outlaws

  • Hi I was just looking at your web site and was wondering what days you trained and if you need any previouse experience or equipment

    • Hi Adam,

      We have a team in every division so we can cater to all standards.

      We train on Mondays at the Hough End Centre, Mauldeth Road, Chorlton from 7pm, just pop along and check out whats going on.


  • Cheers rolf. I’m working late next week but will pop down the week after if you train on bank holidays



  • Hiya Adam, just noticed your posts. There’s no training today because most people are off somewhere for the bank holiday – hope you get this before you head down! We’ll definitely be around next weeke though if you fancy giving it a try 🙂



  • Hi,

    Do you only train on Monday evenings?


    • Hi Zoe,

      Yes we only practice on Mondays I’m sorry, we play on Tuesdays and Wednesdays though. The season is close to finishing now though, only one game left! We will start up again in March-ish if you are still interested in playing next season. You can always get in touch via this site or our facebook group page;


  • Is the batting cage available thru the year, or does it end with the season

  • Hello, a bit of a random query but I am hoping to set up my own batting cage here in Brighton, and I was really hoping to get some advice on how you guys started sp I can please pick your brains! If you could give me a contact name and phone number I would be really grateful. Thank you.