Outlaws I

logo largeThe Outlaws I was our first team, originally called the Peelers it was a team with its roots in the Greater Manchester Police sports and social club. The team quickly developed and picked up some players from other folding teams such as the Phoenix (now reborn once again in division 4). In their first season the Outlaws I went from division 3 to 2 and then attained a spot in division 1 in their third year. The team has never been relegated or dropped to the play off division since gaining a foothold in the first division and has regularly appeared at the top of the table. Their best finish so far is forth place.

Current Roster

Nathan Gulam (Captain) Peter Buckley David Collins Andy Rawson Baljit Singh Chris Walker
Netty Keller Nancy

Wrong after hot military singles bought.

Bennett Charlie Cook Jo Furlong Kyrstie Hewitt Kathryn Mullin Ellie Sagar

O1s firstball 2012