New Pitch Agreed at Hough End

After Metrolink dug up, ruined and took possession of our main pitch a few years ago its nice to see that they have now vacated, the tram works have finished and the ground is looking green again! It is already looking quite flat and all the stones on the surface have been removed. The grass needs some feeding and dressing but its near enough ready to play on. We have been in talks with Hough End and the groundsman to get a new pitch marked out permanently at the dog training side of the fields, hitting out towards to horse fields. This is were we used to have our pitch before the tram works. Basically in the same place the batting cage is now that will sit just beyond dead ball territory. Hough End have agreed we can have the pitch there and the groundsmen is ready to mark it out once the final dressing of the grass has taken place. We will be installing an astro batters box overlaid on sand so we dont end up with a muddy hole for a batting box!

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