Warming Up Before Playing Softball

Even though the design of the human body is over 200,000 years old, it’s still a remarkably sophisticated piece of equipment. Each of us has approximately 850 muscles of which 640 are known as skeletal or voluntary muscles. These are the muscles controlled by the prefrontal and motor cortex regions of the brain, i.e. the ones that you consciously determine when and how they are used. delete Alongside your muscles, there are tendons – their job is to attach muscle to bone and ligaments which attach bones to other bones, then you’ve got cartilages they’re really important too – and the list goes on. So all in all it’s a pretty complicated system and one that we often take for granted. Unfortunately, as we get older our muscles etc., become less elastic and our joints less flexible, which means the amount of time each of us needs to spend preparing for a game, increases. The bottom line is, warming up before you do anything strenuous like playing sport, is really important – it’s the only way you can maximise your chances of avoiding a non-impact injury. The first part of any warm up should consist of a gentle jogging session to increase the body’s temperature and the flow of oxygenated blood to the muscles. This should be followed by dynamic stretching exercises, working on each group of muscles that you will use during a game – 5 to 10 minutes should be fine. Once that’s done, practice some throws and some bat swings and if you are feeling really energetic, do a few short sprints and you’ll be good to go. At the end of a game, a couple of minutes spent warming down is just as important. A few static stretches are all that’s needed, again focusing on the muscles you have used during the game. This will ensure that the they contract correctly as your body temperature and breathing return to normal and may even lessen the chances of muscle soreness, although opinion is divided on this.

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